Itero Digital Impressions

iTero Digital Impressions In Lombard, IL

iTero digital impressions are a non-invasive way of taking dental impressions that use advanced 3D scanning technology. Instead of the traditional method, which involves biting down on a goopy tray, iTero scans capture precise digital images of teeth and gums using an intraoral camera.

These high-quality images are then used to create accurate 3D models of the patient's mouth, allowing dentists to view even the tiniest details in real time. The process is fast, efficient, and incredibly precise, giving both patients and dentists a better understanding of their oral health.

What sets iTero digital impressions apart from other methods is its convenience. Not only does it eliminate the need for messy impression materials, but it also allows for immediate visualization without waiting days or weeks for results like with lab-created restorations.

ITero digital impressions take all the discomfort out of traditional dental molds while providing better accuracy and faster results – making them an excellent choice for anyone looking to optimize their dental experience!

How Are They Different From Traditional Dental Impressions?

Traditional dental impressions involve the use of a putty-like material that is pressed onto the teeth to create an impression. This process can be messy, uncomfortable, and time-consuming for both the patient and the dentist.

On the other hand, iTero digital impressions use a small wand that takes images of the teeth with an infrared camera. These images are captured in real-time and instantly transferred to a computer screen, where they can be viewed by both the dentist and the patient.

One major difference between traditional dental impressions and iTero digital impressions is accuracy. Traditional impressions have been known to produce errors due to improper placement or movement during setting, while iTero digital impressions capture precise measurements every time.

Another advantage of iTero digital impressions over traditional ones is speed. The entire process can take as little as five minutes compared to the half-hour or more required for traditional methods.

Patients who undergo iTero digital impression procedures report less discomfort than those who receive traditional dental impressions because there's no need for them to sit still with a mouth full of gooey impression material.

Technology has revolutionized dentistry in many ways; one significant advancement being iTero's ability to provide accurate measurements without any mess or discomfort traditionally associated with taking dental molds through conventional methods!

The Benefits of Using iTero Digital Impressions

The benefits of using iTero digital impressions in dentistry are numerous. One significant advantage is the accuracy of the scans taken with iTero technology. Compared to traditional dental impressions, which involve filling a tray with impression material and inserting it into the patient's mouth, iTero scanners provide precise, high-resolution images without any discomfort or mess.

Another benefit of using iTero digital impressions is their speed. Traditional dental impressions can take up to several minutes to complete per tooth or area being scanned. With an iTero scanner, however, these scans can be completed in a matter of seconds - saving both time and energy.

Additionally, because the entire process is digital, there's no need for physical models or storage space for molds and trays - another cost-saving benefit.

Utilizing an iTero scanner allows patients to see 3D images of their teeth that they might not have been able to visualize before. This visualization helps them better understand what's going on inside their mouths and assists with treatment planning by giving clearer insights about the condition that needs attention.

Incorporating iTero digital impressions into dental practices offers multiple advantages over traditional methods while also improving patient experience and outcomes.


To sum it up, iTero digital impressions are a game-changer in the world of dentistry. They provide accurate and precise results while eliminating the discomfort that comes with traditional dental impressions.

Not only do they save time for both the dentist and patient, but they also offer various benefits such as improved diagnosis, better treatment planning, and enhanced communication between dentist and lab technician.

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